Hi. I'm Jordan.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Photo caption discovery!

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Photo caption discovery!

Some may think I'm a growth consultant, a game designer, or a producer.

The truth is, I'm all three.

When I worked on my first free to play game way back in 2009, I did what every other newbie does... I worked with a great team on something I believed in, and put it out into the world.

That game won awards and broke several revenue and engagement records at Ubisoft. But times have changed. It's no longer enough to put out your best product and sending players to it. You can try getting traffic with app store optimization (ASO), or building a social media presence, or going on steam greenlight, but none of that can solve the fundamental issue: your game isn't where it needs to be.

Your marketing isn't the problem, your GAME is the problem. It might be fun, but is it fun for the long haul? It might retain players, but does it nurture committed payers (customers)?

Your game needs to be one of the best in the world engaging, retaining, and converting players into customers and fans. Otherwise, other apps will eat yours alive!

You need to have a team of great designers who know how to respond to live data insights. Do you have that?

If you're trying to scry customer behavior from excel files and vague back-end queries, how will you compete with teams that can quickly see their user's behavior?

Lots of team have figured this out, but they still don't have a framework for testing creative solutions to these business problems. And even if they do have such a framework, they're spending too much money on traffic before they're able to capitalize on it.

Our core competency at Bright Black is to provide creative solutions to your toughest business problems, by designing systems, flows, mechanics and gameplay that will engage, retain, and convert and by setting up a simple system that will allow your marketing a design teams to collaborate in a way that will save you tens of thousands of dollars while dramatically improving your player's LTV.

We've helped clients take a game from an idea in their head to $600,000 a month, we've helped other clients turn their TV IP into a suite of successful games, and we've helped seven figure studios stabilize their game economies so that they can achieve sustainability.

If you have a free to play game and are looking to improve your business results through game design, product management, and production, I'd love the chance to talk learn more about your needs.

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