Aligning Game Chi on Deadspace & Battlefield with Ian Milham

Ian Milham has been in the gaming business for twenty years, including time as an environment artist, the art director for the Dead Space games, and the creative director of Battlefields Hardline. In 2016 he became Game Director for Crystal Dynamics directing the Tomb Raider Series.

Ian and I had a fantastic talk covering some of the big turning points in the Dead Space franchise, how to cultivate the feel of a game, the role of "rip-o-matics" and more. If you've ever wondered a team of hundreds manages to work together towards a common aesthetic, this is the interview you need to listen to!


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Naughty Dog
Dead Space
Grim Fandango
Tell Tale
Battlefield Hardline

Featured Show Highlights

  • It’s imperative to ensure clear communication when working on large game development teams.

  • In a AAA process, your plan needs to appeal to everyone in the market

  • The key is to make people “feel” something with your game trailer

  • The best alignment or reference for chi is real world

  • The role of a director is to draw a treasure map for the team and then creating faith for those who do not see it.

  • My career as an Art Director was not spent improving people’s art, but rather aligning there are to make it look as if one person created it

  • They key in game maker audience is focused and presents a powerful promise to the player

  • Ripomatic Demo Reel - Chris Weakley