UX For Mobile Game Performance with Alfonzo Burton

Alfonzo Burton is one of the top designers in UI/UX. His work has been utilized by many of the top grossing games in the marketplace to date, many achieving the 100-Million-dollar mark.

Alfonzo has founded two design companies that have both been a driving force in UI/UX for the past 15 years. He worked as a Director of UI/UX for both Glu, and Pocket Gems and then moved on as CEO/Creative Director to begin Uxmagicians Inc, a San Francisco-based full-service user experience design agency that focuses on gaming experiences and digital products.

In our interview, we talk about UX processes, the secrets to a hit game, and other learnings from his vast experience in the mobile game industry and the web.

"Expect Excellence" - ZO

"Expect Excellence" - ZO


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twitter @uxmagicman
UX Magicians

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Featured Show Highlights

  • Identify and discuss the biggest misconception in the game industry about UX

  • Let's dig deeper into the architectural process when coming up with UX that people tend to be unaware of.

  • My three core pillars to creating the ideal game

  • Tried and True secrets for a successful UI/UX experience

  • The risk involved when changing the aesthetics of existing games that users love to play

  • The process for on-boarding new players

  • My new website UX Magicians a Full-service UI/UX agency